Developer Docs is a module specially made for drupal developers (amateur). When a new module is installed, it is hard to find what changes it does unless we look into the code. This module provides an overview of "what it does" without looking into the code.

This Module generates a document automatically based on the drupal elements used in the module such as:

  • Administration menu
  • Hooks
  • Database Schemas
  • Themes
  • Variables
  • Blocks
  • Node types
  • Entity Types
  • Fields (Formatter, Widget)
  • Field Formatters
  • Field Widgets
  • Hooks Created

After enabling this module, list of installed modules will be available at admin/reports/developer-docs/

To provide suggestions to add information you want to the document generated, please feel free to comment in this issue.


1. Documentation's accuracy depends on the coding standards followed by a module.
2. This module is for developers so disable it on production servers

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