Devel Demo: dpm()

The Devel Demo module is a demonstration of most of the debugging functions provided by the Devel module.

The module was created to generate screenshots for a brief overview of Drupal debugging tools. If you find any errors in the guide, or if you would like me to add some information, please create an issue in this module's issue queue.


The module provides a single page with links to subpages showing example output from the following Devel module functions:

  • dpm()
  • dvm()
  • dpr()
  • dvr()
  • kpr()
  • dargs()
  • dd()
  • ddebug_backtrace()
  • db_queryd()
  • dfb()


The module depends on the Devel module.


Current development and maintenance is made possible in part by Peytz & Co.

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