Designer Relief Drupal Theme

Designer Relief is a Wordpress theme that I converted to a Drupal 6 theme. It's great for use as a blog theme, and has some customizations done to the page.tpl and node.tpl files to allow for the date and comments to be displayed differently than they normally are in themes. It's very close to the original Wordpress theme, but has a few minor adjustments I made to Drupify it a bit. I would say that it is 95% completely converted. I did add a new region to the theme, which was perfect for the Primary Links/Main Menu. It is located across the top of the theme in the wood area.


  • Now Available for Drupal 7!
  • Blog Theme
  • 100% CSS Menu Dropdowns
  • Fixed Width
  • 2 Columns
  • Customized Post Date Output

Future Plans

  • Add More Block Regions

Contributed by Arbor Web Development.

Feel free to post feedback either positive or negative about the theme as I look to improve on it over time.

Project information