The B2B Content Personalization module enables Drupal users to personalize content based
on Demandbase business attributes, such as company name, industry, and company size.

This module gives you the ability to determine the identity and provides targetable
attributes of the company visiting your website in real-time from their IP addresses, by
using the Demandbase API

Demandbase Real-Time Identification delivers a multitude unique and targetable attributes,
including company name, industry, company size etc, that you can leverage to customize
content based on this intelligence, all in real-time, before the page renders. By selecting
conditions and outcomes, you can easily customize content based create successful
marketing programs.

The B2B content personalization module delivers these visitor attributes into the Drupal
Context module, letting the user create personalization conditional logic based off these

More information about Demandbase here:


The following are pre-requisites for B2B Content Personalization module version 7.x-1.x

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