Remember when you wanted to featurize that default image for that profile picture? Yeah, that's not possible, because the feature would save a fid in its code, and we all know it's not good to have id's in features. Plus, the website manager might want to change the default profile picture.

Worry no more!

This module adds a field setting to image fields where you can choose a variable name. That variable name will be used to save a fid. The image file is uploadable in a new form (admin/content/default-image), but of course you can make your own config. The variable name is saved in the feature, but the file and fid aren't. You'll upload a default picture once per environment/server and be done. The field is fully featurizable and won't be overridden.

  • Every image field in every entity is defaultable.
  • One permission per default image.
  • A form with all accessible default images.


Stuff about Panels support in #2292501: Add Panels support.

Version 1.3

Should work in Views. If you're having problems, let me know.

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