Deep Zoom

The Deep Zoom module provides the ability to create interactively viewable high-resolution images using the Microsoft Deep Zoom file format and the Seadragon Ajax library, ala but hosted 100% locally.

Deep Zoom was initially developed for the State Library of Victoria by Realityloop.

Development of the offline processing functionality was sponsored by Orygen Youth Health.



  • Multiple display options:
    • Image field formatter.
    • [dev] File field formatter (Offline processing functionality).
    • Text format filter.
  • Batch API based image processor.


Required Modules



  1. Download the Seadragon Ajax library and extract it to your Libraries folder as 'seadragon', eg. '/sites/all/libraries/seadragon'.
  2. Install module as usual, see for further information.


If you are looking for a Drupal 6 alternative check out the ZoomIt project:


Project information