This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Please note: This module is no longer actively maintained and work is going into the contact_importer module. It's recommended that you switch to that module if you're already using dcl_importer. Please also note that due to naming conflicts the dcl_importer code base cannot be located on the same site as the contact_importer module.

The dcl_importer lets users import contacts from various third party services such as facebook, myspace, gmail, yahoo, friendfeed, twitter, and numerous other services using the OpenInviter library.


Aug 28, 2009 - To use the 6.x-2.x you should remove and re-install as the directory structure has changed somewhat.

If you're looking for original D5 version it can be found here but is not currently functioning and some of the import scripts are not compatible with the GPL. If someone wants to backport the rewritten version of this module to D5 I'll be happy to add them as a co-maintainer or commit their work myself.



Please see the current README.txt


Current maintainer:
Scott Hadfield (hadsie)

Original project and D5 author:
Ma'moon Al-Akash (soosa)

Original D6 author

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