One of the most exciting new features about Drupal 7 is the object orientated database layer, or Database: The Next Generation (DBTNG) as it was code named. For the first time in Drupal's history, you can now connect to several different databases of different server types at the same time. All using Drupal's database framework.

Drupal now has the ability to migrate an entire database from one server type to another! Thats right, Drupal can migrate itself from MySQL to PostgreSQL and back or even to SQLite! This opens up a lot of opportunity for market. Are you paying to much for hosting? Is your sight just a poster site? Migrate to SQLite. Have you inherited a client that runs PostgreSQL but you have no idea how to use it? Migrate to MySQL. Want to see if PostgreSQL runs your application better than any other server? Migrate to PostgreSQL.

This module is a UI and Drush interface to replicate a database from one database to another independant of what kind of database server they are. So long as ther are support by Drupal, you can migrate to them, including non-SQL stuff!

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