This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

dblogsave helps you hold onto transaction data in a simple way, by leaving it in core's watchdog table.

Core's dblog module is very useful for providing immediate, web-based browsing of Drupal's transaction log records. The core dblog module, however, deletes records from the watchdog table after a certain row limit. For most sites it is important to hold onto transactions for record keeping. Core provides the syslog module which is a great solution, except for when various infrastructure hurdles keep you from writing log entries to disk.

The dblogsave module keeps core's dblog module from deleting records, and allows administrators to define what data should be removed from the watchdog table past a certain row limit. This way, you can have access to transactions records immediately, and preserve your data indefinitely.

It is recommended that you routinely dump the watchdog table to disk for longer preservation (and backup). After a disk copy exists you should truncate the watchdog table to avoid it getting too large.

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