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Send log entries from Core Database Logging module (dblog, formerly: watchdog) by email at cron run.


The DBLog Mailer module is part of the OSCE suite of admin tools. It is especially usefull on production environment, in combination with the following module:

Use Case

On a production system, certain errors can occur that needs to be notified to some of your colleagues/staff. For technical teams, this is usually done via syslog, log processing tools and alert systems. For non technical teams, the use of a good old email can still be the best way to go.

Using Core's Database Logging module and DBLog Conditions module
(highly recommended to maintain performances), the DBLog Mailer module allows you to deliver log entries by email at cron run for certain logs channels by declaring configuration in a very simple format:

module1|Error with module1|;
module2|Error with module2|;


  • Database Logging (dblog) from Drupal Core

Installing the DBLog Mailer Module

  1. Copy/upload the dblogmailer module to the modules directory of your Drupal installation, or run: *composer require drupal/dblogmailer*

  2. Enable the dblog_mailer module in 'Administration > Extend' (/admin/modules)

  3. Configure the module in 'Administration > Configuration > Development > Logging and errors > DbLog Mailer' (/admin/config/development/logging/dblog_mailer)

  4. (recommended) Install companion DBLog Conditions module and configure it to log errors to the database for certain modules only.

  5. (recommended) Install Ultimate Cron, then configure at which frequency DBLog Mailer should run in 'Administration > Configuration > System > Cron > Cron jobs' for module 'Database Logs Mailer (Watchdog mailer)' (/admin/config/system/cron/jobs/manage/dblogmailercron)

  6. (optional) Install SMTP Authentication Support module and use an SMTP-as-a-service provider if your site is hosted on a server that is not whitelisted for your domain. This will avoid your emails to be marked as spams. Example of providers: SendGrid, Mandrill

Issues, contributions

Feel very welcome to report issues and contribute patches in the issue queue.


DBLog Mailer is developed by the OSCE: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

If you are a developer or an agency interested to work with us, we encourage you to contribute to the modules we develop and support (see the list here). This is a great way for us to evaluate your skills and can be the base of future collaboration.

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