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This module extends the Date module to provide enhanced UI functionality. Specifically, this module does the following:

  1. Adds in Baron Schwartz's date-time javascript functionality
  2. Maintains the date's duration - so when the start date changes, the end date also changes
  3. Adds in Willington Vega's dropdown time picker. By default, this timepicker replaces the standard timepicker
  4. Adds an "All Day" button which toggles the time field. When checked, the start and end time is set to 00:00

Installation Instructions

  1. Install and enable the date module and the jquery_update module
  2. Download and enable the datetweaks module
  3. Install date-functions.js functionality
    1. cd <modules>/datetweaks/js/date-functions/
    2. svn export
  4. Install wvega timepicker
    1. From your browser, goto
    2. Download the 1.1.1 version or the most current version
    3. Unpack the tar/zip file and copy jquery.timepicker.js and jquery.timepicker.css to <modules>/datetweaks/js/timepicker
  5. That should be it - if you want to disable the dropdown timepicker, you can goto admin/settings/date_popup and set the timepicker to the default timepicker

Known issues

This module only supports the date_combo (this means it requires a "from" and "to" field) - "Text field with Date Pop-up". If the date field is using a different Widget Type, this module effectively does nothing.

The date-functions.js isn't internationalized, that means that any date format using a month name or abbreviation won't work for non-English. A simple workaround is to use a format like YYYY-mm-dd. If someone wants to work on an internationalized version, they should contact the author.

I've developed and tested against the following versions (I haven't checked against any others):

  • Date 6.x-2.7
  • jQuery Update 6.x-2.x-dev
  • jQuery Timepicker 1.1.1
  • date-functions.js - trunk, r18


If you want to see it in action, goto

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