Our team is working on a project involving the use of the Services API, and we are encountering issues where we cannot store changes to any node field of the contrib type Date (Unix Timestamp) from a RESTful API POST call

The actual field itself in our content type is set to a Unix timestamp with a textfield widget, and any attempts to set it by passing a valid timestamp to the attribute value (and even with all the possible fields) accomplishes nothing -- the node is created with no changes to the Date field created.

The version of Services being used for this is 7.x-3.3+13-dev. If this is the wrong place to file this, let me know. I'm only assuming this is the case because I see issues discussing this with CCK and D6.


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I wanted to clarify that the Date field is a contrib module

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If anyone else comes across this, with some help from https://drupal.org/node/1838474 I was able to determine that in order to set the date, value needs to be an array with either date or time set depending upon if you are using datestamp/iso for storage or timestmap/utc for storage. For UTC it's like: date = {"und":[{"value" : {"time" :'1384762530'}}]} It's not good enough to merely set value, that will give you a 406.

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user can pass value in poster using this format.

Name Value
field_field_date[und][0][value][date] 1 Jan 2014
field_field_date[und][0][value][time] 11:45am
field_field_date[und][0][value2][date] 3 Jan 2014
field_field_date[und][0][value2][time] 11:45pm
field_field_date[und][0][show_todate] 1
field_field_date[und][0][all_day] 0

change your date and time format.