Automated D7 to D8 Migration Audit.

Migration to Drupal 8 is more of a re-build than a simple upgrade. While the content, users, and other elements can be systematically moved over cleanly, it is still needed to :

  • Re-create the themes
  • Install and configure modules
  • Reconfigure views, and much more.

The complexity of an upgrade is determined by the complexity – and quality – of your existing Drupal 7 instance.

Feasibility check

Any drupal migration process starts with a feasibility study to figure out the specific challenges involved with your Drupal Site, and it's complexity and quality. Unless a lot of time is invested in this manual audit, it is usually based on a very superficial review.

Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration is way different than D7 version updates and the risk of migration getting stuck / more man hours than the estimate is high.

The tool considers almost all responsible factors in your Drupal 8 Migration, and does a check across 98 points to validate the possibility of automated migration of various components, and estimates the effort and steps required to migrate the custom components including views, features, custom modules and themes which are not supported in automated D8 upgrade.

Migration audit tool usage

The audit tool consists of two parts,

Part 1 : Drupal 7 Module :

Install the module. The role of this part is to extract some required information from the Drupal site. The information extracted is downloaded in JSON type file.

Part 2 - Report Generation :

This is where the magic happens. The extracted JSON from part 1 above is then uploaded in our tool's interface , link to upload path is given in the module. The tool uses a proprietary algorithm, input data and more factors to generate a report which calculates the effort required in the migration.

Module compatibility list:
This section of report lists down the modules used in Drupal 7 site.
Categorises the modules as contrib, custom or features.
If the used contrib module has been included in Drupal 8 core.
Status for availability and release version available for the other contrib modules.

The report is further split up in two parts.

Modules available in Drupal 8 core / contrib
Time required & complexity of migration of configuration, and data in D8 upgrade.

Custom modules, themes & features.
Time required and complexity of redevelopment of custom modules and features with data migration estimate.
Time required and complexity of implementation of theme in Drupal 8.

Note: Drupal 7 theme cannot to migrated to Drupal 8 and it needs to be rebuilt, as the Drupal 8 has moved to Twig templating engine.

Time required to re-configure all the views in Drupal 8 website.

Note: Views form a major part of all drupal websites and drupal 8 upgrade doesn't allow automatic migration of views.

Finally the report put up the the generated and calculated information together to give a overall estimate of migration, which will give a clear picture about grey areas which needs to be addressed in a Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration.

The report also works as a point of start to break apart a large site into smaller, more manageable chunks while migrating.

Sample Report

After complete website analysis by D8 Upgradation Estimate module , a report will be generated. Checkout this report of D7 website
Techtud Report

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