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Open CuteMenu with image in header and a selected menu item with its title showing.


When installing CuteMenu you get one CuteMenu block per menu. The block is a top-menu with a drop down (using the 1st and 2nd level menu items.)

Using a CuteMenu block generates HTML using many <div> tags so one can really nicely theme the menu the way they want it to be without having to write code for it. The result is that you can dearly beautify the menu.

CuteMenu shows the selected menus as dropdowns, including a header and a footer. Although only two levels are shown—top bar & one vertical drop down—your can include images in the header and footer of the drop down.

This module is sponsored by Made to Order Software Corp.

Detailed CuteMenu documentation.

Dropdown Menu and Flash Animations in FireFox & clones

I have had that issue for years. A dropdown menu will draw a widget with a Z index higher than the other items on the screen. This is how you see them on top. Neat. But with Firefox or SeaMonkey, a Flash animation, no matter what, would always remain on top. This is because the animation is shown in a separate window (X11 or MS-Windows window, not just rendered over.) This is great because that way it is faster. But it breaks the dropdown menu feature...

If you have the same problem and are looking for an answer, I have got it now: Use Internet Explorer... No, just kidding, I run Linux anyway! Okay, so check out this page: to see a good example and read about the solution.


Aug 28, 2011—I added support for tokens in the menu titles used with the CuteMenu. For example, to create a user menu using the name of the currently logged in user, you can use [user] as the menu title. In my case, it would appear as "Alexis Wilke". This makes for dynamic menu items. The global and user tokens are all available.

Jun 27, 2009—I moved the documentation to that way you can comment it, ask questions, etc.

Mar 3, 2009—I added support so one can specify a view as the header or footer. That means you can easily select a node randomly!

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