This module replaces some Drupal Commerce features with similar ones from Currency.


All currencies that do not exist for Drupal Commerce yet, will be made available automatically.

Price display

It replaces Commerce's built-in currency-based price display with Currency's locale-based amount display.

Enabling this module lets Commerce display all prices through Currency instead of its default display method. Because the way prices/amounts should be displayed depends on locale information (language and country) and not on currencies, doing this makes sure your visitors see prices in a format they are used to (requires your site to have correctly set-up locales).

The Currency handbook explains how to configure localized price display.

Currency conversion

It replaces any existing currency conversion solution with Currency's conversion plugins, which by default provides a large number of fixed (historical) exchange rates, and uses Commerce's internal conversion system as an alternative if Currency doesn't have a particular conversion rate.

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