The Cufon module adds integration with the Cufón Javascript library to Drupal. Cufón performs text replacement on web pages, using the canvas element and VML to render fancy typefaces.

Quick start


Please refer to the module's README.txt for more detailed installation and configuration information.

You might want to use a selector such as #myID li a:not("li li a") to apply Cufon to the top level of a list (see this thread). To do this, you must use jQuery Update 6.x-2.x to use jQuery 1.3.x, which has better selector support.

6.x version is not supported!


  1. Enable the module and set permissions.
  2. Download cufon-yui.js and place it in any subfolder under:
    • current theme folder
    • sites/all/modules/cufon/
    • sites/all/libraries/cufon/
  3. Generate a font definition and upload it in any of these folders:
    • current theme folder
    • sites/<your site>/libraries/cufon-fonts/
    • sites/all/libraries/cufon-fonts/
  4. Make sure you keep it legal.
  5. Configure Cufon by associating a jQuery selector with any of the detected fonts in admin/config/media/cufon.


Why don't you distribute this module with a test font or two?

The GPL font exception suggests that a GPL'd, embedded font implies (or confers) the GPL license on the document itself. A modified version of the GPL is required to get around this problem, but that won't fly in the Drupal CVS repository, and the possibility of accidentally open sourcing one's text is perverse. You can always download the test font used by the Cufon package.

Project information

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