The 'Ctools jump menu style' module converts ctools jump menu into a stylized HTML menu.


  • Gracefully degrades on mobile devices (Android, webOS, iPhone, and iPod).
  • Customizable jQuery effects.
  • Degrades back to ctool jump menu noscript behavior.
  • Cleanups special character issues with jump menu options.
  • Supports optgroups.


  • Chaos tools: A library of helpful tools by Merlin of Chaos.

Similar Modules

  • Better Jump Menus: Enables creating custom jump menus as menu blocks, local tasks block, or programmatically all via the CTools API.
  • Adv Jump Menu: Enables creating custom jump menus programmatically via CTools module.


  • Includes examples (admin/settings/ctools_jump_menu_style/examples)
  • All Ctools jump menus are converted to HTML menus.
  • Accessibilty needs to be improved
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