Developers should check also the AWS SDK for PHP module instead.
This module doesn't use the Library API, it is recommended to use creeper if the only library that your project will use is the AWS SDK for PHP.


The creeper project provide a AWS SDK for PHP (previously named Tarzan and Cloudfusion) integration module for Drupal. the AWS SDK for PHP is in my opinion the best PHP library to work with Amazon web services. It covers every aspect of Amazon Web Services:

  • Simple storage service - S3
  • Elastic compute cloud - EC2
  • SimpleDB - SDB
  • Simple Email Service - SES
  • Amazon Product Advertising Service - PAS
  • Simple Queue Service - SQS
  • Cloudfront, the amazon CDN based on S3
  • Amazon Associates Web Service - AAWS

Once installed this module allow you to use the powerful AWS SDK for PHP API in any other module; you just have to declare a dependencie to the creeper module in the .info file.

This module is for developers, and only provides a clean integration and an admin settings screen for the AWS account parameter.

This module requires PHP5

You can see sample code Here as documentation.

Tarzan has been renamed AWS SDK for PHP but I kept the module name because as a old warcraft 3 player I love the term "creep" :)

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