The Credly module allows integration between your Drupal site and the Credly Open Credit API — a platform for creating, giving and earning digital badges.


This module currently:

  • Provides a tab on user accounts for awarding your organization's badges.
  • Displays earned badges on user profiles.


You will need to:

  • Sign up your site/organization/self for Credly at
  • Create badges with Credly's Badge Builder (available once you have a Credly account).
  • Obtain API credentials for your site/organization from Credly. Learn more about their API and how to get started here.

Example Workflow

  1. Create a badge on
  2. Award a user with a badge at user/[uid]/credly.
  3. If you are a trusted issuer, the badge will immediately appear on their profile. If not, they will have to accept the badge first at


This module is developed by Major Robot Interactive, based on code written for the National Museum of Natural History's Q?rius site and exhibit, in collaboration with C&G Partners and the folks at Credly.

Project Information