This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Cream is a new Drupal distribution aimed at creating sites for DrupalCamps.

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Getting started

See the README in the cream profile for installation instructions. Once Cream is installed:

  • Create a Schedule node for each day of your event. Create the timeslots for that day within the node edit form.
  • Create rooms for sessions to take place in under Admin > Structure > Entity types > Rooms
  • Create Keynote nodes
  • Create Scheduled Item nodes for things such as registration, coffee breaks, and lunch
  • Create Tracks under Admin > Structure > Taxonomy > Tracks
  • Create Session nodes. These may be created by users with the 'participant' role, which only allows them to submit title and description.
  • Once Sessions are created, use the 'manage timetable' link on Schedule nodes to place Sessions into timeslots and rooms.

8.x Release

We are starting an 8.x release as the 7.x didn't really get far and required a lot of modifying. The new release will have ability to fully administer the event.

The development is on along with wiki and when a stable release is ready it will appear here.

Work has just started on 8.x branch so check back for a release soon.

The composer setup is based off this blog post ->

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