This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Country Ban can be used to set entire countries to "read only" or to ban their access completely. Setting a country to "read only" disables all account access for that region, automatically logging out any user which resides there and preventing new accounts from being generated. Websites set to 'read only' will still be able to be viewed anonymously. The website admin may also set a "complete ban", which will block the website entirely for all users of the configured region.

Country Ban is dependent upon IP-based Determination of a Visitor's Country as well as Country Codes API. These modules provide the country of origin that Country Ban requires to filter properly.

This module was developed as it was found that many, many spam accounts were being generated from specific regions of the world. Country Ban is suggested to be used along with tools as Troll, or any module which easily provides user IP addresses, which can then be used to identify the country of origin of spammers. As long as the Drupal website doesn't count on the region for readership, it may benefit from setting that region to 'read only' via this module. Doing so will prevent spam accounts (as well as any accounts) from being generated from that area of the world.

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