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Javascript slideshow based on the original Couloir slideshow found at


  • Multiple slideshows
  • Option to auto start play
  • Changeable sort order
  • Max height and max width
  • Configurable folder location
  • Configurable picture display time
  • Block display
  • Compatible with Lightbox2


As of version 6.x-1.4, Couloir Slideshow no longer relies on the prototype/scriptaculous libraries and has been fully recoded to support jQuery which is included with Drupal 6. This change fixes many long-standing conflicts with other modules, particularly Lightbox2.

6.x-1.4 and Later
Starting with Couloir Slideshow 6.x-1.4, it is actually required that Lightbox2 be installed and enabled for any Lightbox effects to occur with the slideshow. It is not a requirement of the module to have Lightbox2 installed, however, if Lightbox2 is not installed, clicking on an image will open the corresponding image itself.

Couloir Slideshow has been tested and is working with Lightbox2 6.x-1.x-dev. Lightbox2 can be downloaded here.

5.x - 6.x-1.3
Couloir Slideshow 6.x-1.3 and earlier and all versions for Drupal 5.x still require the prototype/scriptaculous libraries.
Due to licensing issues, you must download the file
You must place the css and js folders into the couloir_slideshow folder in your drupal installation.


As of 6.x-1.4, changes have been made to the file paths used when locating images. Couloir Slideshow now uses the Drupal File System Path as opposed to root, so it will be necessary to adjust your Image Path settings when upgrading from anything before 6.x-1.4.

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