Simple Corporate White theme
Simple Corporate Dark theme

Simple Corporate is a great looking Drupal 7 theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. The bold and minimal design is perfect for any business, and the theme offers a variety of useful features any business would want for their website. Simple Corporate is a multipurpose Drupal theme. We have created the theme with a wide range of sites in mind.


  • Simple, Minimal and clean design
  • 1,2 or 3 column layout
  • Fixed width (1000px)
  • 2 pre-designed color schemes (White and Dark)
  • Drupal standards compliant
  • Implementation of a JS Slideshow
  • Uses HTML 5 structural markup
  • Multi-level drop-down menus
  • Footer with 8 regions
  • A total of 16 regions
  • Supported standard theme features: site logo, site name, site slogan, user pictures in comments, user pictures in nodes, favicon
  • Use of Google Fonts and Nice Typography
  • Detailed CSS rules for Typography, Forms Elements, Node Teaser, Comments, etc.

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We will continue to maintain, improve and enrich our free themes with new features as they occur by discussions in the community. Members of our team will be always participating actively and help out in support requests to the maximum extent possible. Nevertheless, sometimes there might be needs related to a theme that go beyond the typical support and knowledge sharing and require either premium support or even implementation-on-request. In all such cases, do not hesitate to get in touch with us :)

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