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This module is deprecated in favour of the much more useful Localization update.

The core translation module provides an additional option for the importing of module and theme translations for Drupal core.

As of Drupal 6, contributed modules and themes include translations with the downloaded or checked out version of the module. However, for Drupal core, translations are not part of the Drupal core distribution.

The standard way to use core translations (see this handbook page) is:

  • Download a translation
  • Extract the translation download into the Drupal root directory. This puts the translation files into their correct directories. (E.g., a translation for node module will be in modules/node/translations).

From here, the translations will be used like contrib translations that come with the module downloads.

In some cases, however, site administrators may prefer to be able to retain translations in their own directory rather than extracting them into the Drupal root directory. This might be true e.g. if a site is being deployed through CVS. Core translation import enables this use.

To use:

  • Create a directory, "translations", in one of the following places (in order of precedence--the site directory will be used before the sites/all one, and so on):
    • Your site directory, e.g., "sites/default".
    • Your "sites/all" directory.
    • Your profile's directory, e.g., "profiles/default".
    • The root directory of your Drupal installation directory.
  • For each language you wish to enable for Drupal core:
    • Create a subdirectory named for the new language's code in the "translations" directory created above. For example, for French, create a directory "fr". If you're in doubt, generally you can determine the language code from the translations project path. For example, The Danish translation is at; the 'da' at the end is the language code.
    • Check out or download and extract the translation into that new directory.

When you enable a new core module or theme, the translations will be imported automatically.

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