This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Coral Defender helps save your sever and bandwidth by transparently redirecting users referred from high traffic hosts to the Coral Content Distribution Network copy of your page. This helps save your server from the crushing onslaught by only having to serve a few images/pages to Coral rather than the thousands of individual viewers that were linked from large sites like digg/slashdot/etc. All redirected referring hosts are definable in the admin section.

This module is almost like an insurance policy against crashing your server, going over your bandwidth allocation and paying large bills to your host in the event of your site becoming too popular. Here's an overview of how the Coral Cache (CDN) works.

This module works in a similar manor to the Wordpress plugin "digg defender" but it works for more than just digg.

Please remember to modify your cache level to Normal or less since it does not work with Aggressive mode.

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