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This is a very simple module to help end users to select coordinates (latitude / longitude), by dragging a marker on a google map.

The heavy javascript work is handled by the jquery-locationpicker-plugin, which is a requirement for this module.

Currently this is implemented only for geofield field types, when using the Lat/Lon widget to input the data. Patches to extend this are welcome :)


- Libraries
- jquery-locationpicker-plugin


1) Install the module as usual
2) Install the library jquery-locationpicker-plugin. Make sure the final destination is something like: sites/all/libraries/locationpicker and that the file sites/all/libraries/locationpicker/dist/locationpicker.jquery.min.js is available at this path.
3) Clear the caches
4) (Optional) Go to the status page (admin/reports/status) and check that the library can be correctly loaded.


1) On any geofield field type, select the checkbox "Enable coordinates picker for this field." on the field settings form.
2) On the entity form (where the field is present), you will see now a link "Choose point in the map" which will show the map just below the lat/long fields.
3) Drag the marker and the values of lat/lon will be automatically updated.
4) (Optional) Visit admin/config/coordinates-picker-settings to set the default coordinates (the point where the marker will be shown for the first time, if the field has no values).


Dmitry Berezovsky, Logicify (

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