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Hi there,

Hopefully this is relevant to this particular module and not just to Context itself. Let's say that I have the following menu tree where two distinct submenus point to the same page:

- 1
- 2
- 3
- 1

I wanted to have context activate the 2nd instance of the submenu 1 because that's the "main" one. Even though I chose that exact one in the Context Menu Reaction select list, it only saved the link_path in the database, and thus when context_menu_block.module line 131 looked for a match to make active, it found the first instance and stopped looking for any others.

I solved this issue by changing the identifier from link_path/href to the unique mlid of the menu.

Change to Context module was context_reaction_menu.inc line 21.


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Project: Context: Menu Block » Context
Component: Code » User interface
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Moving to Context's project issue queue, since this is related to one of its core reaction plugins.

I don't think this is the standard use case, but definitely agree that the plugin's form may be misleading.

(On a side note... luckily, the current reaction plugin can be extended and another contrib/sandbox module for your use case. Could you attach a diff of your changes?)