Contact Form Submissions

Never miss a contact message again! This module stores in the database all messages submitted through the core contact forms.

This solves the problem of e-mails which don't make it to their proper destination (due to a wrong email address, network failure, mail server problem, or spam blocker), which can cause misunderstandings, lost job opportunities, etc.

Additionally, this module provides a way to respond to these messages through the website, which can serve as a basic correspondence tracker, so that no messages go unanswered.

Related modules

Contact Save Remind - extend Contact Save and implement the ability to remind a user that he/she has outstanding unread saved contact form messages.

Read how this module compares to Mail Logger, Webform, and CCK + Rules + Views.

Integrates well with Author Contact and Contact form fields.


  • 2009-30-12: sinasalek discontinued maintenance of this module in favor of Mail Logger.
  • 2010-21-03: joelstein rewrote the module and became the maintainer.
  • 2014-19-03: paravibe rewrote the module to 7.x and became the maintainer.
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