This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Contact Ajax implements ajax submission for core Contact form in Drupal 8.

How it works

After enable the module, each contact form will show a checkbox "Use ajax".
When this chebox is enabled the contact form will show you another option "On submit load" with these options:

  • Default message
  • Node content
  • Custom message

This module could help you if:

- you need to customize the confirmation message
- you need to submit a contact form without reload the page.
- you want load a custom text or another node after form submission.

Advanced settings:

- customize the wrapper id where the form is rendered.
- select a different container (different from the wrapper id) to render the ajax response.

Suggested modules

- contact_storage (
- honeypot (

Features request, bug report and suggestions are welcome!

Supporting organizations: 
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