The Constant Contact module integrates features from the Constant Contact REST API into your Drupal site. For it to be functional, you need a Constant Contact account. You may sign up for a 60-day free trial account.

You can add newsletter subscribe options to your Drupal user registration page plus add multiple custom signup forms and place them on any page or sidebar of your website using Drupal blocks.

Below are the main features provided in the module:

  • Add signup checkbox or list selection to your register page and update user profile page
  • Add multiple custom signup forms to any page or sidebar of your website
  • Add/Edit/Delete contact lists without visiting
  • Mass unsubscribe and / or delete users in the admin area
  • List selection on register page can be a group of checkboxes or a multi-select drop down
  • Automatically subscribe your user to one or more contact lists on the register page
  • Customize the register page signup box title and description
  • Errors are logged to the admin panel to notify you of any problems
  • Allow users to choose HTML or Text email
  • Ability to insert extra fields when you subscribe a user, eg. first name and last name can be collected
  • Support for 15 extra fields
  • An unlimited amount of signup forms can be setup
  • Form block list selection can be a multi-select drop down or a group of checkboxes
  • View recent activities from the admin panel
  • Import and export subscribers from the admin panel
  • Contact lists are cached to improve performance
  • Integration with Webform module


For installation instructions see the included README.txt file. If you spot any problems or have any suggestions please post a message in the issue tracker.

If you do not already have a constant contact account Sign up for a free 60 day trial using this link

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Drupal 8 version

This is a complete re-write of the module, taking advantage of the PHP-SDK provided by by Constant Contact and strict compliance to Drupal coding standards and best practice.

  1. Follow progress here.
  2. Get the code here.

Development & Support

Sponsored by iJed Ltd (dakala)

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