The Configuration builder module provides a Form Builder based, drag and drop interface for building custom, exportable, configuration pages.

This can be used to create a unified settings form bringing important settings (Site name, Google analytics account, etc) into one easy to manage page, or for creating custom settings forms as needed.



  • Drag and Drop form builder interface.
  • Configuration variables provided as tokens.
  • Provides a block per configuration page.
  • Set page access by:
    • User permission.
    • User role(s).
  • Exportable as:
    • Drupal API hooks via:
      • Configuration builder export interface.
    • CTools exportable via:
      • Configuration builder export interface.
      • CTools Bulk Export module.
      • Features module.
  • Integrates with:
    • Drupal Contextual links module:
      • Adds a hover link for quick editing configuration pages.
      • Adds contextual link tokens for quick editing variables.
    • Variable module:
      • Adds Variable element for Form Builder for any declared variables.
      • Declares all created variables with hook_variable_info().


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