Image-Based CAPTCHA Alternative
Mobile-Optimized CAPTCHA

Confident CAPTCHA™ is a clickable, image-based CAPTCHA that stops spam and malicious bots, while remaining very easy for people to solve. All your website visitors have to do is click a few specific images to prove they are human and not a bot. It takes just a few seconds to solve.

Stop spam and bots on your website without frustrating your users. Download Confident CAPTCHA today!


  • Image-based CAPTCHA, easy to use
  • No typing required
  • International languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and more
  • Audio option for the visually impaired
  • Fail-over coverage
  • Mobile-optimized version available
  • Optional: Earn revenue by allowing advertisements in the CAPTCHA on your website. Learn more about monetizing your CAPTCHA here:

Configuration Options

  • Dial-up or dial-down security by increasing or decreasing the size of the grid and the number of images shown to users
  • Determine how many images users must click
  • Choose to show or hide letters overlaid on the images, for optional typing input
  • Use for login, on comment forms, registration forms or password resets


  • Stop spam, fraudulent registrations and other malicious activities from bots
  • End user frustration
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Reduce web page abandonment
  • Easy to deploy
  • Mobile optimized
  • Optional: Earn revenue with CAPTCHA advertising

See a live demo at:

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Follow the easy to use documentation and video tutorials to get Confident CAPTCHA running on your Drupal site in just a few minutes:

This project is owned by Confident Technologies, Inc.

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