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Components Combo UI Patterns

Several people asked me if I have ready to use paragraph configurations, with styling and so on. It became apparent to me that a lot of small projects would like to have some components ready for them, so I went on and started this project.

The Components Combo module defines ui_patterns and paragraphs, and includes a submodule to tie them both together.

At the moment, the project provides 3 modules:

  • components_combo_ui_patterns: provides ui_patterns of widely used components, along with scss/css for quick styling.
  • components_combo_paragraphs: widely used paragraph types
  • components_combo_paragraphs_display_modes: a module tying the two above together

The patterns/paragraphs provided at the moment are:

  • image
  • video
  • media_object
  • card
  • blockquote

More components are added as I build them. If you have an idea please create an issue!

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