Commerce Variation Add to Cart settings
Commerce Variation Add to Cart form

If you want to have a separate add to cart button for each product variation, then this module is for you. Beside showing buttons for each variation, there are additional settings, like option to display price, currency and quantity. You can also choose which product attributes to show in your add to cart form.

On the permissions page 'admin/people/permissions' you can control who can use Add to cart button. Search for the 'Access variation add to cart' permission.

To use this module you must have Drupal Commerce 2.x installed. This module was created for one of our projects, and it is still in a development phase, just like Drupal Commerce 2.x, so if you find bugs or if you want to suggest a feature please open an issue.

How to use it?

After you install the module go to product types 'admin/commerce/config/product-types' and click on the Edit button of your product type. Now go to Manage display tab and choose 'Variation add to cart form' as a formatter for the Variations field. If you click on the gear icon, you can see additional settings.

First screenshoot shows settings for 'Variation add to cart' formatter, and in the second screenshoot you can see the add to cart form with three separate buttons. Beside add to cart button, each product variation has its own quantity input box, price and size attribute.

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