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Commerce User Profile Pane is a module that allows you to capture a Drupal Users profile fields directly in the Commerce checkout pages. This is similar to the Commerce Billing Profile or Commerce Shipping Profile panes, but instead of storing extra fields in the Commerce Profile entity, this will allow you to store it directly in the Drupal core User entity. This is useful when you want a quick registration process without the user having to fill a long user registration form, but you still want to retain the option to complete the User profile info in the checkout phase.


This pane generate a form with the fields that are configured to be captured here. After installing this module you will find a new settings in the User profile fields configuration to chose if display a field on commerce user profile pane form so the user can fill that information directly in the checkout process instead of the default user registration form.

  • Enable this module as usual.

  • Go to admin/config/people/accounts/fields and edit the configuration "Display on commerce user profile pane form" for each field that you want to capture in the User Profile Pane form. Also if you want the field to be mandatory, enable the option "Required field on commerce user profile pane form".

  • Finally go to admin/commerce/config/checkout and define which checkout page the Commerce User Profile Pane should display.

  • The development of this module was sponsored by BlueSpark
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This module was developed for a Bluespark client.

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