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This module extends Commerce Shipping by allowing the creation of complex matrices of shipping tariffs by order weight, across multiple shipping services. This allows store admins to create a shipping matrix such as the following:

Shipping service up to .5kg up to 2kg up to 5kg up to 10kg
2-3 days £2 £4 £6 £8
Express delivery £3 £6 £10 £15

Each tariff is stored as a product entity with:

  • a weight field for the maximum weight for the tariff
  • a shipping service field to indicate the service this belongs to
  • the usual Commerce price fields, to give the price of the tariff.

These products should not be referenced by nodes, and will not be added to the cart; rather, their price is returned to Commerce Shipping as the shipping service rate.


  • Commerce Shipping 2.x
  • Physical fields

Limitations, roadmap

See the README for some limitations and missing features that have not made it in due to time constraints. If you need these, or you find this module useful, please consider helping with these.

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