Drupal Commerce Popup Cart

This simple module adds a Drupal Commerce popup cart block. It will display a cart icon with a dynamic number representing the number of items in the cart. When hovered over the cart will popup with its contents listings and action links.


  • Enable Module
  • Navigate to your Blocks configuration (admin/structure/block).
  • Find the block called "Popup Shopping cart" and click its 'configure' link.
  • Set the region you'd like the popup cart to be displayed in.
  • Set any visibility settings. For example, you may not want the popup cart to be displayed on cart pages or during checkout.
  • The module's configuration page is located at admin/commerce/config/popup-cart
    • Configure the empty cart text.
    • Enable/disable the option to display the cart icon if the cart is empty.

NOTE: The theme can be easily overridden to display a different cart icon or to position to popup cart icon where you'd like it within its region.

This module is created by: 3C Web Services

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