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Provides invoicing features for Drupal Commerce using Orders. This differs from Commerce Invoice in that it uses existing entity types rather than introducing a new "invoice" entity type; this results in less complexity and less duplicated code.

This module introduces a new "Invoice" state for orders as well as an invoice property for products and line items. Products can be configured to default to an invoice product by product type. Line items will be considered to be part of an invoice if their invoice property is set. By default, the invoice property on line items will be the same as the product that they reference. However, the line item can be updated to override the value on the product.

If the invoice property of a line item is set, the quantity field will be disabled for users that do not have permission to administer invoices and the delete/remove button will convert the order back to an invoice. The conversion involves removing all non-invoice line items and setting the order's status to "Invoice".

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