Allows you to add editable line item fields to the Drupal Commerce cart view. Field values are saved when Update Cart or Checkout buttons are clicked.

Why Would You Want This Module?

This module was developed to add a Memo text field to each product line item in the cart. It differs from other similar solutions (attributes, customizable products) in that it allows you to add form elements to the Shopping Cart view rather than the Add to Cart form. This allows shoppers to edit the values without leaving the Shopping Cart form.

Using this Module

  1. Install module.
  2. Add a field to your line item type under Store, Configuration, Line Items Types. Text and List (Text) fields have been tested, but other field types should work too.
  3. Edit the "Shopping cart form" view to add new fields titled "Editable form field for [field_name]". There should be one for each field on the line item type.
  4. Field settings like size, options list, etc. will be used from the field's widget settings.
  5. By default, the field's original label is hidden. (so you can use Views to display the label) There's a checkbox on the Views option form to display it, if you want.
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