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Integration of ICICI payment gateway with Drupal Commerce.

Commerce ICICI integrates ICICI payment gateway(a leading payment gateway in
India) with Drupal Commerce. This module will add a new payment method ICICI
payment under payment methods settings(admin/commerce/config/payment-methods).


  1. Drupal commerce:
  2. commerce_payment module
  3. commerce_ui
  4. commerce_order


  1. Install as usual, see for further information.
  2. Get merchant account from ICICI Payseal.
  3. Get bankkey as well as php library folder.
  4. Copy Sfa folder + SFAResponse.php + by Payseal ICICI Payment gateway) and put it in your Drupal root folder (This is for initial module version. This will go to libraries folder in future)
  5. Get bankkey which will be in XXXXXXXX.key format and put it in Drupal root folder(This wil also change in future. It will be moved to libraries in future). Structure would be -> Drupal-root-directory/bankkey/XXXXXXXX.key
  6. Edit file and set Key.Directory attribute. Currently it will be /bankkey/. Also set OS.Type=LINUX(for linux OS) or OS.Type=NT(for windows os).
  7. Edit SFAResponse.php and give full path to your XXXXXXXX.key file and assign to variable $astrFileName (at Line no. 6)
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