Addon for Drupal Commerce that allows to place one or more nodes in one of the checkout phases of an order.
There is a submodule for Terms of Service that includes a checkbox for terms and conditions agreement.

Install instructions

  • Install Drupal Commerce and make sure that checkout module and CTools enabled.
  • Enable Commerce Extra panes.
  • Access the Manage Display for those node types whose nodes are going to be
    exposed as checkout panes, click on "Checkout pane" view mode option and
    select the fields that are going to be displayed in the panes.
  • Go to Store > Configuration > Checkout Settings and there click on
    Checkout Extra Panes tab.
  • Select one of the existing nodes by typing its title in the autocomplete form
    and add it.
  • Click on Checkout Form to select in which checkout phase the nodes should be

The module has integration with Tokens and Internationalization.

Features pending/planned

Place the Terms of service as a lightweight popup window.
Include some tests.

Screencast & documentation

Watch the Commerce extra panes screencast at Commerce Module Tuesday.

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