Estimate your shipping form in its block.

Commerce Cart Estimate defines a form for estimating items like taxes and shipping rates in a block that can be placed on the shopping cart form page. It requires customers to supply an administrative area (State / Province) and postal code and then returns the estimated items that may be available to that customer.

Since it is only adding partial data to the cart order's customer profiles, it may not be compatible with all tax rates and shipping methods. Additionally, it only currently supports U.S. and Canadian state / province selection and shipping rate calculation. There is an open issue for adding tax rate estimation support.


  1. Install the module on a site with a supported module enabled (currently only Commerce Shipping).
  2. Browse to Administration > Structure > Blocks and move the Cart estimate form block to the Content region (or equivalent for your theme). Save the blocks form.
  3. Now click the configure link for the same block and enable the estimate items you want the block to control. You may also adjust the form orientation settings and supported countries. Save the block form.
  4. Add a product to the cart, browse to the cart form, and test it out! It should appear as pictured in this project page's screenshot.

Module History

This is a renamed and rewritten version of this sandbox module from jasonkrust (preserving that module's Git history for Jason's credit).

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