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Brightpearl is an ERP system that exists to help SMB multi-channel on and offline retailers accelerate their growth and profits.

It allows retailers to manage orders, inventory, customer data and accounting in a single, reliable retail management system.

Brightpearl provides real-time reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability by SKU and channel, customer purchase behaviour and more.
It allows retailers to focus on what they love - merchandising and growing their business.

Read more about the Brightpearl ERP on my recent blog post

Drupal Commerce Brightpearl Integration

The module integrates with Drupal commerce and Commerce Stock and has the following functions:

  • Order export - Orders created by Drupal commerce are automatically exported to Brightpearl
  • Inventory Update - The Stock levels are automatically updated from Brightpearl so if you just sold your last hoodie on Amazon it will become unavailable on your Drupal site.
  • Status Update (to be developed in the next few weeks) - When an order is shipped on Brightpearl the Drupal order is updated with the new status.

Road map

1.1 release is out and should be a vary stable version providing most of what you would expect from an ERP back-end.


You will need a key to get the module working with brightpearl, this has a one of charge. contact blue-bag for more details.

To find out more you can:

  • Contact the friendly people at Brightpearl
  • Get in touch with me, will be happy to talk - Blue-bag contact form or catch me on Twitter

Project information