The Commerce Authorize.Net SIM/DPM Payment Methods module provides two additional payment methods to Drupal Commerce for users of the Authorize.Net payment processing service. These methods are alternatives to the existing AIM payment method for users who wish to reduce PCI compliance responsibilities for their Drupal server, as they outsource all cardholder data handling to Authorize.Net and are thus consistent with PCI DSS SAQ A (in SIM mode) or SAQ A-EP (in DPM mode). They may also be useful for those whose Drupal hosting arrangement makes it difficult to secure their site via SSL.


It is highly recommended that you specify the allowable relay response URL (or URLs, for an account shared by more than one site) in the Authorize.Net settings to prevent possible man-in-the-middle attacks based on a forged relay response value. See the included README.txt file for details.



Based on Ubercart SIM/DPM Payment Methods, which is in turn based on existing work at by:

  • Sarah Azurin (SIM support)
  • Ritu Agarwal (DPM support)

Project Information