This module extends the commerce admin order interface to provide the following:

  • Search users by email or profile name before creating the order
  • Select existing customer profiles before creating the order
  • Validates a new customers email against existing customers to prevent duplicates
  • Moves customer profiles to the top of the admin order form
  • Provides copy address profile functionality on the admin order interface (uses the same settings as the checkout pane for this feature)

This module requires Commerce 1.4 or later.

Use git to clone the module into your module folder
Enable the module (if using drush be sure to clear the menu cache)
This module overrides the default menu for admin/commerce/orders/add. If you do not see the new form (in screenshots) after enabling module, then your menu is still cached.

Note: I've developed this module on a site that has a shipping and billing profile for customers. It should work with less or more profiles, but may need tweaking to do such.

Patches and issues are encouraged to extend or improve this module.

Project information