Adds option to place comment form above the comments thread.


1. Enable module.
2. Go to your content type and set Location of comment submission form to Display below post, but before comments.
3. Check your node. If form present — celebrate, otherwise proceed to next step.
4. Paste this code to your theme's template.php file:

 * Allow themable wrapping of all comments.
function phptemplate_comment_wrapper($content, $node) {
  if (!$content || $node->type == 'forum') {
    return '<div id="comments">'. $content .'</div>';
  else {
    return '<div id="comments"><h2 class="comments">'. t('Comments') .'</h2>'. $content .'</div>';

5. Clear Drupal's cache. Check your node. Celebrate.

Caution: If your theme contains comment-wrapper.tpl.php file, do not perform step 4. Just add print $form; to this template in place where you want to see the form.

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