Com2vb integrates commenting system of Drupal with powerful forum vBulletin. Com2vb store comments in vBulletin’s database. So it’s available to comment materials of site in both places – in Drupal and vBulletin. With creating of first comment module create a “start post” in forum with link to material. All of comments are readable in Drupal and vBulletin.

Com2vb provide limited integration of users – authors of comments are linked with cross table.
From version 3-x COM2VB have some features for linking of users in both databases:
- linking of user's accounts in Drupal and vBulletin;
- automatic registration of new users from Drupal in vBulletin;
- synchronizing of user's name, E-mail, password from Drupal to vBulletin;
- increasing post's counter of user in vBulletin with comments in Drupal;
- shared login and logoff in vBulletin with the same actions in Drupal;
- shared activating/deactivating accounts from Drupal.

Also module provides some blocks:
- fully standart for COMMENT module block "Recent comments" with number of comments setting;
- Last replies in forum;
- Top posters in forum;
- Users in forum online;
- Hot topics.

For correct displaying of comments you must add Bbcode module.

If you are using Captcha to protect from spam, you need add tag to comment's form of Com2vb: in add Form Id com2vb_form

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