A simpler version of the Color module.

Compatible with the Color module *.inc data structure. Instead of replacing colors in css based on color value, a variable substitution is performed based on the color variable name. All image handling has been removed. The Colorizer config form is built to be embeddable into other forms. An colorizer_instance alter hook is added to allow the name of the current colorizer profile to be changed (for example, to implement OG-specific color schemes).

In addition, the Preview mechanism is completely changed. Rather than using separate html/css/js files for preview, the css of the live site is altered. This allows the live theme to be updated as colors are changed, although changes are not actually saved until the form is saved.

NOTE: This module is intended to be used on sites WITHOUT a separate Admin theme. Since it adjusts the current page colors *live* it needs to be using the theme that you want the user to colorize. The admin form is designed to be embeddable so rather than using the default /admin/appearance menu you can build your own page that uses your user-theme and allows colorizing it.

This module was developed for Open Atrium 2 by Phase2.

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