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MD5: c4de07eb305ae05ae082fa183a0c6ffa
SHA-1: 5e6b1e1de4ba5e6373c7fefc803d5912a5394273
SHA-256: 97e6c9f43809c4bba2669f6cb7adcbc9df2e9a63acc8efe8ec119020e2deaec8
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MD5: c861b396053b5a13c731bc532e3e6f9f
SHA-1: 4766dbde27e97b9d29a5e42452eb5161af451247
SHA-256: e2b1004639ca209c8896880aa666b655b044dadc8c286c272e008919acd71ec7
Requires Drupal: 8.x
Created by: klausi
Created on: 9 Aug 2019 at 10:55 UTC
Last updated: 7 Dec 2019 at 16:43 UTC
Bug fixes
New features

Release notes

Release code name: Code Climate Crisis

Relatively minor bug fixes and 2 small new features.

Changes since 8.3.5:

  • fix(DocCommentAlignment): Allow @see references to be indented under @param docs (#3073750)
  • docs(README): Add example how to disable a Drupal rule in the config file (#3068684)
  • feat(FunctionComment): Add wrong TRUEFALSE type hint
  • Declare ignored files relative to the root of the project.
  • Add support for Behat subcontext classes.
  • Test that the correct project names are returned for modules and themes.
  • Info files end in .info.yml on Drupal 8.
  • fix(NamespaceDependency): Allow not namespaced dependencies in theme info YAML files (#2857856 by andypost, kdebisschop, tobby, klausi)
  • fix(DocComment): Allow inheritDoc with a capital D in doc comments (#2939783 by BR0kEN, klausi)
  • style(tests): Always use drupal6|7|8 test file folders for consistency
  • feat(ClassFileName): Add sniff to check that class name matches file name
  • fix(OptionsT): Fix false positive with nested arrays in t() calls (#2974723)
  • docs(README): Explain example phpcs.xml.dist config file
  • fix(DisallowLongArraySyntax): Fix autoloading problem when sniff is used from phpcs.xml file (#3062570)