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Syntax highlighting using the CodeMirror library from

/* In-browser code editing made bearable! */

This module is under heavy development. A full release will not be made until it has been cleaned up and properly tested.

This module provides:

  • Support for core code fields
  • Integration with Libraries module
  • Drush Make file to automate download of library files
  • Field widget for text fields to make nice code entry fields
  • Field formatter for displaying code fields

The short-term roadmap includes adding support for more core/contrib code fields, and integration with WYSIYWG module and text formats.

Similar modules

WYSIWYG CodeMagic is similar, but very different as it only works within TinyMCE. This module, however, does not have a dependency on TinyMCE, nor WYSIYG. You can use it on any text field without having to have a full editor, if you just want the code highlighting.

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